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Meet Maria!
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Registered  Nurse
  • Lactation Consultant
  • Certified Nutrition Support Specialist.
  • Certified Sports Specialist Dietitian
  • ISAK Level 2
  • Sports Nutrition Diploma(International Olympic Committee) 
  • Former Pro and Division 1 NCAA Tennis Player
  • Triathlete
At MVNUTRITION we cover multiple areas of nutrition. We have a strong background in both clinical and sports nutrition bringing to you a comprehensive approach of care. Our main purpose is to empower people to take ownership of their health, and provide them with the tools to make lifestyle changes.
From the Womb into Adulthood


We provide customized nutrition services for many stages of life, from pregnancy to adulthood. We take a comprehensive and individualized approach of care, and have a strong focus on nutrition education. 



Education and knowledge are the most powerful tools you can have. Check our articles and do not doubt contacting us with any questions you might have!

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