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Creatine: learn to love it, learn to use it!

Creatine is one of the most studied supplements for pro and recreational athletes in the market, who are looking to improve performance, optimize training adaptations, and mitigate recovery time. Studies has consistently revealed that creatine supplementation exerts beneficial effects on short duration, high intensity activities, both as single and multiple repetitions, as well as those short efforts such as sprinting, climbing, jumping, or kicking during endurance events. In fancy words, it increases the cells ability to resynthesizes adenosine triphosphate or 'ATP').

What are the benefits we obtain from adding creatine as a supplement?

  • Increases in maximal strength (low-speed strength).

  • Improves maximal work output capacity.

  • Improves power production-cyclist you would love this!

  • Increases sprint performance for my track and field athletes.

  • Improves fat free mass (including muscle mass)-GAINS and RECOVERY.

  • Last but not least, it has been proven that it increases training tolerance and there is a possible enhancement of aerobic capacity.

Who should take creatine as part of their daily supplementation?

Based on the current literature, creatine supplementation:

  • Is safe for healthy MALES and FEMALES, as well as younger and older individuals.

  • Provides benefits to sports involving SHORT SPRINTS, JUMPS, and AGILITY.

  • Can be added by ENDURANCE athletes looking to optimize training adaptations.

  • It is a great ergogenic aid for individuals looking to improve max FORCE production, STRENGTH, and FAT FREE MASS.

  • It optimizes intramuscular creatine in VEGANS who have lower creatine stores due to food restrictions.

  • Can be taken by both PRO and RECREATIONAL athletes to optimize muscle repair and gains, performance and recovery.

  • It might be a great addition in the INJURY RECOVERY stage while returning to sports as well as post traumatic brain injury (TBI)

WOW, where do I buy it right? But before, how much should I take?

Creatine supplementation ingested at 0.3g/kg/d for 3-5 consecutive days or 20 g/day x 5-7 days has been shown to quickly increase intramuscular stores. At the same time, supplementation with 3-5 grams/day over 4 weeks has been shown to have similar effects. Can be taken pre, during or post exercise (although I love it post training with a source of carbohydrate) and there is NO need to cycle it.

To summarize, and getting away from the fancy words...

Should I take Creatine? answer is DO IT. It is the most effective ergogenic aid currently available for athletes looking to increase high intensity exercise capacity and lean body mass.

  • Taking 3-5 grams daily will do it, no need to cycle!

  • It can be taken by males and females of all athletic levels.

  • It can be taken by children and teens involved in high performance sports under supervision however remember always FOOD FIRST.

  • Vegans and Vegetarians WILL benefit from this supplement due to decrease stores and animal protein intake.

  • Lots of research in progress to asses the benefits for pregnancy and fetal development, so stay tuned!

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